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University Games Preps Preschoolers With Briarpatch School Readiness Games
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San Francisco, CA – (March 19, 2024) – Briarpatch from University Games launches its new series of School Readiness games this Spring. The games utilize the company’s Play & Learn System as a fun way for children to develop early learning skills before they enter the classroom. 


The Briarpatch School Readiness games ($14.99 each, for 2 or more players ages 3+) are designed to encourage active participation, foster a love for learning, and develop cognitive and social skills in a playful environment. The games use popular themes that are entertaining for kids to have fun while promoting holistic learning, away from screens.


Daniel Fox, Division Manager for University Games’ Briarpatch product business, explains, “We’ve developed this series of games with familiar, likeable illustrations, tactile pieces, and imaginative gameplay that engage children in fun interactions, while providing underlying learning elements which go beyond the kitchen table and into the classroom. Each game is representative of a fundamental curriculum activity purposed into a fun game format.”


The first three Briarpatch School Readiness games are:

  • Criss-Cross Applesauce: a fun, auditory, and physical activity game that has kids active, engaged and learning. To play, players sit down (criss-cross style 😊) and act out activities like tracing letters, roaring like a lion, or doing jumping jacks. 

  • Letter, Number or Bug: a game that tackles one of the most important determinants of future success - The basics of letter and number recognition prior to entering school for the first time. This action-meets-learning game has players jump up and race around to identify letters, numbers and bugs. This game boosts motor skills, coordination, and lays the foundation for early literacy and numeracy. 

  • Hocus Pocus, Everybody Focus: a memory game that hones visual-spatial and recall skills. Players each take a mask and are challenged to memorize which tactile or flat objects have been added or removed from the play area. This game reinforces Coordination by adding and removing objects from the play area; Mathematics as kids engage their spatial awareness and memory; and Literacy as it reinforces word concepts.

The new School Readiness products join the University Games’ Briarpatch growing catalog of games and puzzles for children and preschoolers, that already include the company’s successful I SPY, Pete the Cat, The World of Eric Carle, and Richard Scarry lines.


University Games acquired Briarpatch in 2014, and since that time it has been the company’s goal to provide inspiring, educational, and above all FUN content to preschoolers everywhere. The Briarpatch product business helps children to learn social, literacy, imagination, coordination and mathematics skills through engaging and entertaining board games, card games and puzzles.


About University Games: University Games is a leading game and puzzle publisher founded in 1985 by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman. The company also markets under the Briarpatch, The Learning Journey International, Forbidden Games, Front Porch Classics, Great Explorations and Bepuzzled brands in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and throughout the world. For more information, visit and interact with us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.


Sales and Marketing Contacts:

Daniel Fox,, 415-503-1600 x 210

Craig Hendrickson,, 415-934-3715

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