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New Faeries & Magical Creatures Game Has Fans Aflutter


The Latest from the Designer of Raccoon Tycoon

San Francisco, CA – (May 18, 2023) – The fascination with faeries will be coming to the board game community as University Games (under its Forbidden Games brand) launches its new Faeries & Magical Creatures™ board game on Kickstarter starting June 13th.

According to University Games, the fast-funding initiative will accelerate the production of the game and, if it all goes as well as previous campaigns, the company will have an international release of Faeries & Magical Creatures in selected countries for Fall of 2023.

Designed by the inventor of Raccoon Tycoon, Mosaic, Railroad Rivals, and Age of Empires, and featuring the lush oil paintings of renowned artist Annie Stegg Gerard, Faeries & Magical Creatures has the pieces in place for a beautiful, spellbinding and challengingly fun new game.

The game was tested and refined with women and with men, with gamers and casual game players, to make sure that the gameplay, as well as the theme and content, appeal to a wider audience than most Kickstarter games. In addition to stunning, classic fairies, the game features a centaur, unicorn, minotaur, troll and other characters that broaden its appeal. “The Faerie Realm that is created in Faeries & Magical Creatures offers an amazing, engaging setting for a strategy game,” noted Bob Moog, President of University Games, “and the passionate fan base of the mythology and folklore combined with the fans of Annie Stegg Gerard’s elegant art  gives us an enthusiastic foundation for this great new game.”

With pre-launch ads running on popular gaming sites, such as Board Game Geek, as well as mentions and pre-release graphics leaked on social media, Faeries & Magical Creatures is already sourcing a crowd of followers in its development. Forbidden Games expected to draw a lot of interest from fans of Wingspan, Splendor, Azul and Villainous, but is also seeing crossover from the Lord of the Rings art crowd.

Slated for a midsummer’s month of nights (June through July) on Kickstarter, consumers can sign up now to be notified of the launch. Early backing ensures a front row seat as this game is brought to life. Forbidden Games is prepared to reward the earliest backers of Faeries & Magical Creatures with exclusive items and access to content from the game, including an exclusive production of the Faeries & Magical Creatures Premium Limited Edition, a poster and gift box with 4×6 prints of the mythical characters.

Faeries & Magical Creatures is being designed for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up, with an average playtime of 60 minutes. Fans can also join Forbidden Games’ team of creators to play through the game at Gen Con this August.

About Forbidden Games: Forbidden Games is a board game publishing company founded in 2019, and is best known for games with mass appeal, such as Raccoon Tycoon, Mosaic, Railroad Rivals, and Lizard Wizard. Raccoon Tycoon and Mosaic appear on multiple Top 100 of All-Time Lists from Dice Tower and other prestigious game review websites.


Acquired by University Games in 2022, Forbidden Games will continue to bring exciting innovations to the tabletop gaming market while maintaining the integrity and great gameplay that consumers have grown to expect from the company. Learn more about Forbidden Games by visiting: and interact with the company on social media: FacebookInstagramTikTokTwitter and YouTube.


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